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We are the Team, Minna no Global Classroom

​Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant shift towards online education. Taking advantage of this development, we engage in activities where Japanese english leaners and Japanese learners together as classmates through online means. We aim to provide opportunities like these to people of disorders and backgrounds for whom direct interaction is often challenging. Through a shared commitment to language learning, we hope to promote global understanding and awareness.
Our activities therefore develop, promote, and nurture multiculturalism, which consequently leads to peace.


運営者は元中学校英語教師(25年)と現役英語講師、現役通訳など、それぞれが日本で英語を苦労して学んできた大人です。私たちだからこそ私たちはみなさんの背中をおしてあげられるのではないか? 実は私たちも参加者たちに触れ、たくさんのことを学んでいます学校で学ぶことのない友だち同士の会話の延長線上に国際交流があってほしい。学生だって、大人だってまだまだ知らない世界をしってみたい、そんな思いを私たちはつなぎます。

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